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                Content of the issue 2018-1

1. Ashurov R., Butaev A. On pointwise convergence of continuous
wavelet transforms. (pdf)
2. Chaudhary M.P., Getachew Abiye Salilew, Feyissa Kaba
Certain relationships between q- product identities,
modular equations and combinatorial partition identities. (pdf)
3. Chilin V.I., Veksler A.S. Mean ergodic theorem in function
symmetric spaces for infinite measure. (pdf)
4. Dadakhodjaev R.A. 2-Local derivations on real von Neumann
algebras. (pdf)
5. Ergashev T.G., Hasanov A. Fundamental solutions of the biaxially
symmetric Helmholtz equation. (pdf)
6. Jalolov I.I. A differential operator of order 2m and its
fundamental solution. (pdf)
7. Kasimov Sh.G., Ataev Sh.K. On solvability of the mixed
problem for a partial equation of a fractional order with Laplace
operators and nonlocal boundary conditions in the Sobolev classes. (pdf)
8. Khalkulova Kh.A., Abdurasulov K.K. Solvable Lie algebras
with maximal dimension of complementary space to nilradical. (pdf)
9. Khudoyberdiyev A.Kh., Sultonova D.Y. Local derivations of
solvable Lie algebras with Abelian nilradical. (pdf)
10. Khusanbaev Y.M., Sharipov S.O. On convergence of
branching processes with weakly dependent immigration. (pdf)
11. Kurbanbaev T.K. Leibniz algebras corresponding to the Virasoro
algebra. (pdf)
12. Kushmurodov A.A., Sharipov O.Sh. Estimation of the mean
of spatial autoregressive processes in Banach space. (pdf)
13. Nuraliev F.A. Optimal interpolation formulas in the space
$L_2^{(4)}(0; 1)$. (pdf)
14. Rasulov M.S. On a free boundary problem for semilinear
parabolic system. (pdf)
15. Rakhimov D.G., Suyarov Sh.M. On eigenvalue problem of the
Laplace operators for ellipsoidal areas. (pdf)
16. Seypullaev J.X., Prekeev J.X. Orthogonality in an abstract
spin-factor. (pdf)
17. Takhirov J.O. Global solvability to the non-local problem for
parabolic equation. (pdf)
                                Mathematical Life
18. Loginov B.V. (pdf)
19. Azlarov T.A. (pdf)

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