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UzMJ was founded in 1957. It is coordinated by the V.I.Romanovskiy Institute of Mathematics, Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences
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2023, Volume 67, Issue 2

1. Alimov Sh.A., Qudaybergenov A.K., On the cauchy problem for Laplace equation (5-16)
2. Aloev R.D., Ovlaeva M.Kh., Construction and study of the stability of a difference scheme for a linear hyperbolic system with dynamic boundary (17-24)
3. Boborakhimova M.I., Asraqulova D.S., On logistic model of spread of pollutants in the atmosphere (25-30)
4. Boltaev A.K., Existence and uniqueness of the solution for a linear system of optimal coeffcients (31-38)
5. Eshmamatova D.B., Some Lotka-Volterra mappings with a degenerate skew- symmetric matrix, and their relation to epidemiological situations (39-48)
6. Horilov M.A., On the “Life-line” problem when players move with the diminishing accelerations (49-59)
7. Ibragimov M.M., Geometric properties of neutral facially symmetric spaces (60-66)
8. Ikromov I.A., Barakayev A.M., On the sharp estimates for maximal operators (67-74)
9. Islomov B.I., Akhmadov I.A., On a problem with a shift for a parabolic- hyperbolic equation with the Gerasimov-Caputo operator in a domain with de- viation out of the characteristic (75-87)
10. Jumaniyozov D.E., The algebraic classification of nilpotent commutative Tortken algebras (88-108)
11. Khamdamov I.M., Asymptotic analysis of the functionals of the vertex process of the convex hull  (109-114)
12. Khatamov N.M., Gibbs measures for the HC-BLUME-CAPEL model on the Cayley tree (115-123)
13. Nuraliev F.A., Kuziev Sh.S., The coefficients of an optimal quadrature formula in the space of differentiable functions (124-134)
14. Sulaymonov I.A., On the backward problems for subdiffusion equations with the time-fractional Hadamard derivative . (135-141)

15. Tukhtaeva N.M., Direct and inverse problems for the Barenblatt-Zheltov- Kochina type fractional equations with the Hilfer derivative (142-151)

16. Turakulov Kh.Sh., Shakirov A.A., A linear inverse problem with semi-periodic boundary conditions for three-dimensional Tricomi equation in an unbounded parallelepiped (152-164)

17. Umirzakova K.O., Three state Hard Core models: periodic Gibbs measures (165-171)

18. Umrzaqov S.M., Local derivations of null-filiform and filiform Zinbiel algebras (172-180)

Uzbek Mathematical Journal
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