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UzMJ was founded in 1957. It is coordinated by the V.I.Romanovskiy Institute of Mathematics, Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences
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2022, Volume 66, Issue 4

1. Alimov Sh.A., Qudaybergenov A.K., On the solvability of the Cauchy Problem for Laplace equation (5-14)
2. Dekhkonov J.D., Description of weakly periodic Gibbs measures for the Ising model on a Cayley tree of order two and three (15-26)
3. Habibi Reza, Existence of fixed point in functions of Brownian motion (27-33)
4. Khadjiev D., Ayupov Sh., Beshimov G.,  Complete systems of invariants of a parametric figure in the n-dimensional Pseudo-Euclidean spaces (34-43)
5. Kurbanbaev T.K., Almost inner derivations of Solvable Leibniz algebras whose nilradical is naturally graded filiform algebras (44-52)
6. Latipov H.M., Rasulov T.H., Quartic numerical range of a tridiagonal 4 x 4 self-adjoint operator matrices (53-60)
7. Madatova F.A., Lakaev Sh.S., Asymptotics for the eigenvalue of the discrete SchrЁ odinger operator on the d-dimensional lattice (61-69)
8. Mamatov A., Properties of solutions of a nonlinear reaction-diffusion system with variable density and source (70-79)
9. Mamayusupov K., Cubic polynomials with critical orbit relations  (80-85)
10. Merajova Sh.B., Inverse source problem for equation of mixed parabolic-hyperbolic type: one-dimensional case (86-97)
11. Mirsaburov M., Ergasheva S.B., Problem with local and nonlocal conditions on boundary characteristics for a degenerate hyperbolic equation with singular coefficient (98-104)
12. Narmanov A.Ya., Diyarov B.R., On the geometry of curvature lines  (105-112)
13. Nuriddinov O.O., TDescription of local derivations on nilpotent associative Jordan algebras of dimension five (113-123)
14. Qushakov Kh.Sh., Existens and uniqueness theorem for an infinite system of ternary differential equations (124-132)

15. Rasulov M.S., Norov A.K., Dynamics for a two-species competitive quasi-linear reaction-diffusion system with a free boundary  (133-145)

16. Samatov B.T., Juraev B.I., Pursuit-Evasion Problems with a Constraint for Energy Expenditure of Velocity  (146-155)

17. Takhirov J.O., On one reaction-diffusion problem of hydrodynamics  (156-166)

18. Turakulov Kh.Sh., On the smoothness of a semi-periodic boundary value problem for the three-dimensional Tricomi equation in the unbounded parallelepiped  (167-174)

19. Zaitov A.A., Kurbanov Kh.X., On a normal subgroup of the group of homeomorphisms of the space of semi-additive functionals   (175-182)

20. Zarifzoda S.Q., Construction of the bases of operational calculus for a differential operator with two singular points  (183-198)

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