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UzMJ was founded in 1957. It is coordinated by the V.I.Romanovskiy Institute of Mathematics, Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences
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2021, Volume 65, Issue 1.

1. Abdullaev O.Kh. On a problem for the degenerating parabolic-hyperbolic equation involves Caputo derivative fractional order and non-linear terms (5-16)

2. Abdullayev J.Sh. Bergman-Bremermann’s integral formula for the Cartesian product of classical domains (17-27)

3. Adashev J.Q., Yusupov B.B. Local derivation of naturally graded quasi-filiform Leibniz algebras (28-41)

4. Bakhramov J.A. Synthesis of suboptimal control in the time-optimal problem (42-47)

5. Durdiev U.D. The problem of determining the electric prehistory of the electrically conductive medium (48-56)

6. Egamberdiev O.I., Ilyasova R.A. On subgroups of index four for a group representation of the Cayley tree (57-64)

7. Eshkobilova D.T., Kholturaev Kh.F. The functor of idempotent probability measures and completeness index of uniform spaces (65-79)

8. Formanov SH.K., Sirojitdinov A.A., Farmonov A.Sh. An Accuracy estimation of approximation in central limit theorem in the existence of fractional-order moments (80-86)

9. Khatamov N.M. Holliday junctions for the HC (cycle) Blume-Capel model of DNA (87-97)

10. Komilova N.J. Dirichlet problem for multidimensional elliptic equation with two singular coefficients (98-109)

11. Makhammadaliev M.T. Periodic Gibbs measures for the antiferromagnetic Potts model on a Cayley tree of order k (110-117)

12. Mamanazarov A.O. A non-local problem for a parabolic-hyperbolic equation with singular coefficients (118-136)

13. Narmanov A.Ya., Qosimov O.Yu. On the geometry of singular foliations generated by the family of vector fields (137-146)

14. Rakhimov A.A, Ramazonova L. Description of the real AW*-algebras with abelian self-adjoint part (147-149)

15. Rozikov U.A., Sayitova M. On a non-linear p-adic dynamical system (150-159)

16. Takhirov J.O., Djumanazarova Z.K. The classical periodic solutions for nonlinear parabolic integro-differential equations (160-169)

17. Academician SHAKIR KASIMOVICH FORMANOV(to the 80th birthday) (170-173)
Uzbek Mathematical Journal
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