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UzMJ was founded in 1957. It is coordinated by the V.I.Romanovskiy Institute of Mathematics, Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences
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Issue 2019 -1

1. Aliev S.A., Ragimov F.H., Farhadova A.D., Khalilov V.S. Limit theorems for the family of the first passage time of the level by randon walk described by a nonlinear function of the autoregressive process of order one (AR(1)) (4-13)

2. Allakov I., Safarov A. On representation of numbers by sum of prime number's prime fixed degree (14-26)

3. Babaev S.S. On an optimal interpolation formula in K2(P2) space (27-41)

4. Chaudhary M.P., Feyissa Kaba Wakene. On interrelationships between q-product identities and combinatorial partition identities V (42-49)

5. Dzhalilov A., Aliev A. On location of singularity points of circle maps (50-59)

6. Khadjiev Djavvat. Projective invariants of m-tuples in the onedimensional projective space (60-72)

7. Khudayberganov G., Sobirov Z.A., Eshimbetov M.R. The Fokas' unified transformation method for heat equation on general star graph (73-81)

8. Kurbanbaev T.K. 8-dimensional filiform non Lie p-adic Leibniz algebras (82-92)

9. Nurjanov B.O. Local derivations on subalgebras of compact operators with respect to semi-finite von Neumann algebras (93-98)

10. Makhkamov E.M. Series expansion of holomorphic functions in the Lie polyhedron (99-107)

11. Saburov M. Some non-ergodic quadratic stochastic operators (108-115)

12. Safarov J. Inverse problem for an integro-differential equation with distributed initial data (116-125)

13. Shadimetov Kh.M. Solutions of the finite differences equations with constant coefficients (126-132)

14. Tadjiyeva M.A. On properties of a chart of the fixed points in the simplex S4 (133-142)

15. Tanmay Biswas and Ritam Biswas. Sum and product theorems relating to (p, q)-phi relative Gol'dberg order and (p, q)-phi relative Gol'dberg lower order of entire functions of several variables (143-155)

16. Turaev R.N. Florin problem for quasilinear diffusion equation taking into account nonlinear convection (156-166)

Uzbek Mathematical Journal
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